2015 International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference

More than 6,000 researchers, clinicians, public health experts, community leaders, and advocates participated in the 2015 International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention, which was held on July 19 through 22 in Vancouver, British Columbia. This web page has links to many articles arising from IAS Conference.

The materials have been grouped into topic areas to help you find and quickly access materials of particular interest to you.  The topic areas appear in the order listed below.  Please note that some articles appear in more than one topic category.


  • Conference Overview and Highlights
  • HIV Policy (Including Strategies for Ending the Epidemic)
  • HIV Testing and Access to Care (including the Treatment Cascade)
  • HIV Prevention and Transmission
  • HIV Treatment
  • Living with HIV
  • Hepatitis C

Conference Overview and Highlights

IAS 2015 – This is the official website for the 2015 IAS Conference.  It includes the conference program, a search function to find relevant conference sessions and abstracts, press releases, and a media kit.

Sites Offering Free Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credit:

Other Web Sites and Articles with Conference Highlights:

Really Rapid Review: IAS 2015.  (NEJM Journal Watch) – A brief review of 2015 IAS Conference highlights from Dr. Paul Sax, with links to additional information about the research studies highlighted.

Blog.AIDS.gov: Highlights from the 2015 IAS Conference:

Videos from TheBodyPRO:

Other Overview Articles:

HIV Policy (Including Strategies for Ending the Global Epidemic)

HIV Testing and Access to Care (including Treatment Cascade)

HIV Testing:

Acccess to Care (including Treatment Cascade):

HIV Prevention and Transmission

Note:  For articles about the role of HIV treatment in preventing transmission, please see the “HIV Treatment” section below.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP):

Other Articles about HIV Prevention and Transmission:

HIV Treatment

Benefits of Early Treatment and HIV Treatment as Prevention:

New HIV Drugs and Treatment Strategies:

Research to Cure HIV Infection:

Other Articles About HIV Treatment:

Living with HIV

Hepatitis C

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