2016 International AIDS Conference

Please Note:  This web page has links to many articles, fact sheets, and other materials arising from the 2016 International AIDS Conference (IAC), held on July 18 through 22, 2016 in Durban, South Africa.

The materials have been grouped into the topic areas listed below.  When more than one media outlet has covered a particular research study or conference development, we have generally provided the full title and hyperlink for one summary, followed by links to related coverage from other sources.

We hope that this structure highlights the main themes and news from the 2016 IAC, helps you find the stories of greatest interest to you, and makes it easier to explore topics in depth.

Conference Overview and Highlights

International AIDS Conference Website:

AIDS 2016 – This is the official website for the 2016 IAC.  It includes an online conference program; daily reviews of conference developments; a media center with press releases from the IAC and third parties; and general conference videos and selected speeches. Of particular interest are the site’s rapporteur summaries – detailed daily reports of major findings and discussions – for the main tracks of AIDS 2016:

  • Track A: Basic and Translational Research
  • Track B: Clinical Research
  • Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention
  • Track D: Social and Political Research, Law, Policy, and Human Rights
  • Track E: Implementation Research, Economics, Systems, and Synergies with other Health and Development Sectors

Sites Offering Free Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credit:

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Other Articles and Web Sites with Conference Highlights:


AVAC Blog:

The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic

General Information:

Ending the Epidemic (“Getting to Zero”):

HIV Prevention and Transmission (including PrEP and Microbicides)

For information on HIV Treatment as Prevention, please see the HIV Treatment section below.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP):


Other Prevention and Transmission News:

HIV Treatment Cascade/Continuum of Care (including HIV Testing and Access to Care)

Continuum of Care (General):

HIV Testing:

Access to Care:

HIV Treatment

Impacts of Early Treatment and HIV Treatment as Prevention:

New HIV Drugs and Treatment Strategies:

Other HIV Treatment News:

Affected Population Groups


Immigrants and Refugees:


Older Adults:

Persons Who Inject Drugs:

Sex Workers:


Stigma and Discrimination

Other Infectious Diseases

Hepatitis C:


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