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This page focuses on articles and resources related to local, national, and global efforts to get to zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero discrimination and stigma. If you would like more information related to this topic, including further resources, statistics, or journal articles, please contact Katie Skarzynski at the Health Library at 617-450-1063 or


National “Getting to Zero” Guides, Strategies, and Resources:

U.S. City and State “Getting to Zero” Guides, Strategies, and Resources:

  • Getting to Zero MA – Getting to Zero MA is a multi-sector coalition working together to get to zero HIV stigma, zero HIV-related deaths, and zero new HIV infections in Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts State HIV/AIDS Plan – from the Office of HIV/AIDS and the Bureau of Infectious Disease at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. September 2013. Massachuetts’ state plan aims to 1) reduce new HIV/HCV infections, 2) improve health outcomes, and 3) reduce disparities in HIV and HCV incidence and health outcomes.
  • New York 2015 Blueprint to End AIDS – New York State’s Department of Health’s Strategy to End the Epidemic in NY by 2020.
  • End AIDS Washington – End AIDS Washington is a collaboration of community based organizations, government agencies, and educational and research institutations that aim to reduce new infections in the the state of Washington by 50% by 2020 with a focus on access to insurance, testing, PrEP, and treatment.
  • Getting to Zero: San Francisco – San Francisco’s Getting to Zero Initiative aims to reduce HIV infections and HIV/AIDS-related deaths in San Francisco by 90% by 2020 through the collaboration and efforts of a multi-sector, independent consortium. Their plan focuses on PrEP expansion, Rapid ART Program for HIV Diagnoses, and retention in care.
  • Getting to Zero: San Diego – A PDF document of a request to establish a Getting to Zero initiative in San Diego county.

Global “Getting to Zero” Guides, Strategies, and Resources from UNAIDS:

UNAIDS Website – this website includes information about HIV/AIDS policies and programs, regional information, global statistics, and news. Highlights include the following recent reports:

Global Guides, Strategies, and Resources from Other Sources:

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U.S. City and State Efforts to Get to Zero:

Global Efforts to Get to Zero:

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