Interferon (Pegasys, PEG-interferon alfa, PegIntron, pegIFN alfa)

Fact Sheets About Interferon

For More Information About Interferon

For news about recent studies or research involving interferon, you can go to the following web sites and search on the terms “interferon,” “Pegasys,” “PEG-interferon alfa,” “PegIntron,” or “pegIFN alfa”:

Information About Other Hepatitis C Drugs and Patient Assistance Programs

  • Hepatitis C Treatment – The page also has links to fact sheets and articles on individual hepatitis C drugs and drug combinations.
  • Patient Assistance Programs – This fact sheet from HCV Advocate is a valuable resource for people hoping to access the hepatitis C treatment and for the providers who serve them.
  • Help with Medicines – This one-page, easy-to-read fact sheet on PAPs is designed for patients and was produced by HCV Advocate.
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