New and Experimental HIV Drugs and Treatments

See also: CCR5, CXCR4, and CD4 Blockers, and Other Attachment Inhibitors; Entry Inhibitors; Maturation Inhibitors; Integrase Inhibitors; Research to Cure HIV Infection; Immune-Based Therapies; Vaccines to Prevent and Treat HIV Infection

General Information about HIV Medications

  • HIV Drug Chart.  Chart from Positively Aware’s Drug Guide with basic information about each antiretroviral drug and combination pill or tablet approved by FDA.  For each drug or combination, the chart includes: its brand name, generic name, and common abbreviations used; detailed dosing information; and a color image.
  • Treatments for HIV and AIDS.  Web page from Poz that lists FDA-approved antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), as well as selected experimental drugs.  For each drug or combination, the page includes: a small color picture of the pill or tablet, its brand name, generic name, and common abbreviations; and a link to an associated web page with more detailed information about drug, including what it is, how it is dosed, and drug interactions and side effects.

Selected Recent Articles About New and Experimental Drugs

Please Note:  The articles below focus mainly on new antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and treatment strategies that involve ARVs.  We have developed separate pages for other types of HIV drugs and treatment strategies, including Immune-Based Therapies, Vaccines to Prevent and Treat HIV Infection, and Research to Cure HIV Infection.  Please visit those pages for information about immune-based treatments, vaccines, and cure research.

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