Client File Documents

When searching for affordable housing, it is helpful to begin with a discussion of your client’s goals, housing history, and housing preferences. Keeping all of this information, as well as a record of their applications, in an organized manner is very important.  Here are the key documents you’ll need to organize your clients’ housing search files:

Housing Search Checklist

Client Information Sheet

Housing Search Log

Public Housing Authority Search Log

Sample Housing Application (General) – This mock application includes all the typical questions that a housing application may ask. This is a good way to keep information about the client’s housing history organized and consistent, and is a convenient reference to use when filling out actual applications.

Disability Forms and Letter Packet – Includes the disability verification form for State-Aided Public Housing, the Medical Certification form for HIV Supportive Housing, and a sample disability verification letter.

Verification of Homelessness (as applicable)