Avoiding Infection

For over 30 years, AIDS Action has been a leader in HIV prevention. We educate people about HIV, working directly with those most at risk to make sure they have the tools to avoid infection. We also work with people who are HIV-positive to make sure they know their HIV status, get connected to care, and understand how they can keep from passing the virus onto others.

In recent years, our work has expanded to include STI and hepatitis C prevention, as well. Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and syphilis can increase a person’s risk of contracting HIV, and certain activities, like injection drug use, can put people at risk for hepatitis C and HIV.

To help you avoid infection, AIDS Action can work with you to:

  • Educate yourself, your friends, and your community about HIV, STDs, and hepatitis C
  • Access condoms, clean needles, and other prevention tools
  • Understand testing options and find places to get tested that work for you
  • Connect with people who understand what you’re going through and can give you support