Medical Care for HIV/AIDS

Getting medical care that’s right for you is essential for your long-term health. AIDS Action staff and volunteers can help you connect with health care providers and services that fit your needs. Here are a few suggestions on how to create a medical care plan that works for you:*

  • Choose a provider—a doctor, for instance—with experience in treating your condition, whether it’s HIV, hepatitis C, or something else.
  • Explore the different methods and medications available to treat your condition. Develop questions, and make sure the people involved in your care can answer them.
  • Consider reaching out to family or friends who are facing the same or similar health challenges. Ask them for advice. Think about joining a group of people who are undergoing similar treatments. Peer support may provide you with some relief. You could learn from others, and share your own knowledge to improve others’ health.

*These suggestions are based on a list provided by Project Inform.