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Organization Name
Services Provided
Details about Services
Contact Information
Action for Boston Community Developmenteducation or career support; elder services; emergency services; health care; housing; other; support for children/familiesother: immigrationWebsite
(617) 348-6000
Boston Center for Independent Living housing; education or career support; otherother: services for people with disabilities including peer support, skills training and transitional services Website

(617) 338-6665
Bridge Over Troubled Waterseducation or career support; health care; housing; otherhealth care: mobile medical van, counseling

other: drop-in center, runaway hotline, street outreach
(617) 423-9575
Boston Healthcare for the Homelesshealth carehealth care: adult primary care, behavioral health, family services, medical respite care, oral health services, other specialized servicesWebsite
(857) 654-1000
Cambridge Multi-Service Centercase management; education or career support; housing; legal servicesWebsite
(617) 349-6340
Casa Myrna support for children/families; legal services; housing; emergency services; other other: housing, community and legal advocacy, emergency transfers, economic stability support, counseling, children's services, residential programs and safe link hotline for victims of domestic violenceWebsite

Safelink hotline: (877) 785-2020
Central Boston Elder Serviceselder servicesWebsite
(617) 277-7416
Children's Trust children/families services focus on guiding parents and creating a support system Website

(617) 727-8957
Community Dispute Settlement Centerelder services, housingother: mediation and conflict managementWebsite
(617) 876-5376
Community Learning Centereducation or career support Website

(617) 349-6363
Community Servingseducation or career support; health care; otherhealth care: medically tailored meals for the critically ill

other: meal delivery
(617) 522-7777
Disability Law Center legal services Website

(617) 723-8455
Dress for Successeducation or career support job search guidance and support including interview and resume preparationWebsite

(617) 779-2177
Found in Translation education or career support career training specifically for people who are bilingual or multilingual Website

(6170 326-6600
Greater Boston Legal Serviceslegal servicesWebsite
(617) 371-1234
Haley House education or career support, housing, other: food Other: soup kitchen, food pantry, elder meals Website

(617) 445-0900

(617) 236-8132
Harvard Law School Tenant Advocacy Projectlegal servicesWebsite
(617) 495-4394
(617) 542-0338
Horizons for Homeless Childrensupport for children/familiesWebsite
(617) 553-5455
Justice Resource Institutecommunity support; education or career support; health care; housing; other; support for children/familiesother: developing abilities, juvenile justiceWebsite
(781) 559-4900
Lawyers for Civil Rights Bostonlegal serviceswebsite
(617) 482-1145
Lend a Hand Societyeducation or career support; emergency services; otherother: campership scholarships for childrenWebsite
(617) 338-5301
Mass Hire Downtown Boston Career Center education or career supportWebsite

Mystic Valley Elder Serviceselder servicesWebsite
(781) 324-7705
PAIRlegal servicesimmigrationWebsite

(617) 742-9296
Pine Street Inneducation or career support; emergency services; housing; otherother: recovery servicesWebsite
(617) 892-9100
Rian Immigrant Centercase management; education or career support; legal services; otherother: immigration, intercultural eventsWebsite
(617) 542-7654
Rosie's Placecommunity support; education or career support; emergency services; legal servicesWebsite
(617) 442-9322
Somerville Cambridge Elder Serviceselder servicesWebsite
(617) 628-2601
Tech Goes Homeeducation or career supportother: technology training coursesWebsite
(617) 398-7831
The Network - la Redemergency services; housing ;other all services for victims of partner violence who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community; other: individual and group support

(617) 695-0877
United South End Settlementseducation or career support; support for children/familiesWebsite
(617) 375-8150
Victim Rights Law Center legal servicesany legal needs for survivors of rape and sexual assult Website

(617) 399-6720
Women Connecting Affecting Changecase management; health care; otherhealth care: sexual health and education, counseling

other: needle exchange
(617) 541-1050


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