Affordable Housing Search Tools

Initial Occupancy Lotteries, Vacant Units, and Open Waitlists

Metrolist is the City of Boston’s website with listings for upcoming lotteries (here) and information regarding available affordable rental units (here). The site also includes some general guidance for navigating affordable housing search and an inventory of affordable properties in the area (here).

The Bay State Banner lists affordable rental units in their classified pages (here). To browse affordable listings, be sure to select “Affordable Housing” from the menu on the right side of the page.

BPDA provides information about current lotteries as well as a list of properties that were funded through the BPDA Affordable Housing Program. Note that while the reported lotteries are all current, it is necessary to contact the properties listed here to confirm that waitlists are open.

MassAccess lists affordable housing throughout the state. The site caters to disabled individuals in need of accessible units, but also serves as a search tool for anyone looking for affordable housing.

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) lists affordable rental properties with open waitlists. This includes public housing managed by BHA, as well as other subsidized properties in Boston. To browse listings, visit their site (here). They also maintain a list of rental units from private landlords (here). Note that for properties not managed by BPDA, it may be possible to contact property managers directly to request an application.

The Cambridge Housing Authority maintains a list with units that are available for Section 8 Mobile Voucher  (HCVP) holders. It is updated every Thursday. To download a copy of their list, visit their website.

Metro Housing Boston also maintains a list of rental units that might be suitable for individuals with a mobile voucher.

Affordable Property Inventories

The HUD Resource Locator is a convenient tool for locating subsidized and tax-credit properties. This tool provides a comprehensive map of affordable properties that are funded through HUD with property addresses and information regarding the type of funding they received. However, this tool does not provide information about which properties have available units or open waitlists. To get this information, it is recommended to contact the property manager using the provided contacts or search online for the property website.

MassHousing provides a map of all of the properties they fund, along with unit details and contact information for property managers.

Search Through Property Managers and Developers

Maloney Properties helps prospective renters find affordable housing properties with open waitlists. To browse their affordable properties, go to their website (here) and filter to “Affordable Properties” (under Pricing) and “Open Waitlist” (under Amenities). Additionally, they will occasionally list lotteries on their affordable housing page (here).

SEB Properties lists current affordable housing lotteries, as well as information regarding waitlists after lotteries have closed.

The Community Builders (TCB) develops and manages affordable properties throughout the Boston area. Browse their property map to find affordable rentals with open waitlists (here).

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