Credit Information

A credit check is a common part of the background check housing providers will run on prespective tenants.  Credit checks are most often run by private landlords considering renting to voucher holders and by private management companies screening applicants for Multifamily units.  They are mainly focused on rent payment history (including any evictions) and debt owed.

As a best practice, work with clients to request their own credit reports.  Review the reports with the client, paying special attention to outstanding debt, repeated late payments, and former addresses. Work with the client to correct any errors and strategize ways to mitigate any negative information.

Use these links to find the necessary form to use for your client to request their credit report, as well as information about fixing errors on their credit report.

Credit Report Request – This is the form for the client to fill out to request a free copy of their credit report from three separate reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Massachusetts residents can get one free copy of their credit report each year from each of the reporting agencies.

Annual Credit Report – This website is another way for clients to request a free copy of their credit report from the three reporting companies.

Steps to Fix Errors on Your Credit Report – This document is a resource for clients who find errors on their credit report. Following these steps and fixing these errors is very important so they don’t act as barriers to housing.

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