Access: Drug User Health Program

As one of several state-sanctioned and state-funded syringe exchange programs in Massachusetts, AIDS Action’s Access: Drug User Health Program distributes and exchanges syringes to people who inject drugs (PWID).

Access: Drug User Health Program is one of the state’s pilot sites for the distribution of Narcan, a nasal spray provided to IDUs and their network of supportive family and friends to reverse potentially fatal overdoses.

The program also operates a drop-in center where members can access:

  • Risk reduction supplies, such as crack kits, safer injection supplies, and condoms.
  • Periodic risk reduction counseling—both group and individual services.
  • Information and referrals to medical, substance use, and other social service providers.

Important Update as of September 1, 2020


The Exchange @ 359 Green St.

10 minutes inside to get supplies
“One person in, One person out”

The ACCESS: Drug User Health Program is excited to announce that we are now open on a “one-person-in, one person-out” basis. You will be able to pick up new supplies, drop off old supplies, and grab Narcan! Please note that your MUST wear a mask (we will give you one if you don’t have one) and answer some COVID-19 screening questions before entering.


Cambridge Exchange Hours

  • Monday-Wednesday, Friday: 9 am-12 pm, 1 pm-4 pm
  • Thursday: 9 am-12 pm


  • Monday – Alewife, Porter, Davis
  • Wednesday – Central, Harvard
  • Friday – Alewife, Malden

Call or text 617.470.0994

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


It sounds like the building is opening back up?  Does this mean I can come inside and hang out?

While we would love to once again provide a gathering space for our community, we’re not at a point where that is a safe option for folks given the pandemic. It has certainly been difficult, and we want to keep our communication lines open with you as things continue to evolve.


But I’ll be able to come inside the exchange?

Yes! You’ll be able to come inside for up to 10 minutes to get your new supplies, drop off old supplies, and grab more Narcan!


Cool – so can I use the bathroom?

No. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee our bathroom is COVID safe and so we will not be opening the bathroom at this time.


How about using the phone?

Instead of using our phone inside, we’ll work with you on linkage to care and health navigation outside the building by providing one of our outreach cell phones for you to use with a staff member.