Take Action

Make a Difference

Our volunteers, activists and donors are the backbone of AIDS Action. Without their involvement, we wouldn’t have the capacity to tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic as aggressively as we do.

There are many ways to get involved and support our work:

  • Get “front desk” experience greeting clients as they come through our doors.
  • Sort and stock donated items at one of our Boomerangs resale stores.
  • Become a monthly donorA small, monthly donation of $10 becomes a $120 annual gift. Give just $25 a month to join our Circle of Friends.
  • Arm yourself with information about public policy issues that matter in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Take action.
  • Start an AIDS Walk Boston & 5K Run fundraising team. Share your commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS while raising critical funds by reaching out to family and friends.
  • Looking to make some new friends? Join one of our outreach teams – groups of volunteers who do important face-to-face prevention work – handing out safer sex kits in bars and clubs and other places people gather.

As always, thank you for supporting our work. Every hour volunteered, every action taken, every dollar counts.